How often are you thinking of the environment when you go grocery shopping? Sure, you have your reusable bags but what is in your cart? You’re living consciously and teaching your kids to respect the earth. Are you walking the talk with your actions?

It’s time to take your ecosystem concerns to another level by examining what you buy, and more specifically, the packaging they come in. How many of those items are wrapped in plastic? I bet you feel a mixture of surprise and disgust when you take inventory. There are dozens of items that we regularly buy without even considering the impact. Now is your chance to forgive yourself and make changes. Only when you become aware of how you are contributing to the problem can you take steps to become part of the solution.

There are easy actions to implement right away that make an instant difference. Don’t use plastic produce bags anymore. Either use reusable mesh bags or go without completely.

Nothing says you have to separate your produce into plastic before purchasing. It’s one of those out-dated models that we thought was better, but in reality, it isn’t. Not when the long-term effect is so high. You have probably heard about the animals dying with stomachs full of plastic. If you thought it wasn’t in your backyard you were wrong. We are the gatekeepers, and we need to do better!
Look for eco-friendly product packagings such as glass or compostable containers to help reduce your carbon footprint. A lot of packaging is paper with a plastic coating and just as horrible in the land-fill as other plastics. Try bamboo replacements for paper towels, not only does this cut down on the plastic wrapping, but it also saves you money since they are reusable!

Becoming aware of your items in environmental terms may mean you switch brands and support earth-friendly companies. That’s okay, even if you are resistant to change, try it.

You will find new favorites and you will have less guilt when using the products. Instead of feeling bad every time you finish off the plastic-coated carton of milk, maybe you will have a smile as you place the glass bottle in the recycling.

These changes are baby-steps to reducing your carbon footprint. A little here, a little there, and before you know it you’re an eco-rockstar!

E.P.I.C. Sustainability What Is In Your Cart?!