E.P.I.C™ KeyStone Companies

Would you like to become one of our KeyStone companies? We are currently looking for businesses throughout our territory to help spread our E.P.I.C™ message!  KeyStone companies are listed as a distribution point for current issues, generate ad sales in their area, earn 20% commission on sales, receive a free 1/8th-page ad in the magazine, and a free rotating web ad. We’ll even design the first ad for free!

Our work-model is creating win-win situations for the community and co-creators. When you become a KeyStone company you become a critical stone in the foundation of connection for our holistic community.  We’ll direct readers to visit your establishment to pick up the latest copy. This is a great way to get to find new potential clients, and they benefit from learning about your amazing products or services.

We only allow one KeyStone company within certain demographic areas, so be the first to apply! You’ll enjoy these benefits:

  1. E.P.I.C.™ promotions to help readers find you and collect the current publication
  2. A free 1/8-page ad in every issue
  3. Free rotating web ad for every issue
  4. 20% sales commission on every ad you generate
  5. Free ad creation and design
  6. Online links to resources such as rate sheets, ad agreements, media kits, sales tracker, and more
  7. Free magazine delivery right to your doorstep

Our expectation is you will generate sales through speaking with your community about the benefits of participating in this tri-county publication. We distribute 5000 copies every other month and have widespread exposure through our online presence.   All we ask is a minimum of one sale per issue to cover the cost of your free ad. Of course, the more you sell the more you earn!

The holistic community is already coming to you because they know you care about spirituality, health, and sustainability. Let’s work together to connect the Grand Valley and increase light energy and vibration.

Email us for more information: publisher@epicgrandvalley.com

Magazine E.P.I.C™ KeyStone Companies