Living in a busy world as most of us do, sometimes there is a feeling of disconnect in our society and relationships. In my experience, I have found a wonderful way of slowing down that pace with your lover or partner, which allows us to really feel what being in the moment with pleasure feels like. Inviting a new message to enter into our nervous system. 

Here is an example of a practice that helps us switch off our minds, focus on the moment and on our pleasure. 

Conscious Intimacy Practice:

Create a sacred space. Music, candles, anything allows you both a feeling of romance and relaxation. Doing this together will enable the flow of connecting energy to emerge. 

Before you make love, lie in bed on your sides and face each other, your bodies slightly apart and without any physical contact. Softly gaze into each other’s eyes. 

Pull your focus away from your partner into your own body. Close your eyes for a few moments. Take a few deep breaths into your heart space. Feel yourself withdrawing your attention or awareness from the outer to the inner self. 

Focus your energy on your spine, vertebrae by vertebrae all the way down to your pelvic floor. Connecting all your power in your pelvis. Take a few deep breaths into this area, creating vitality and keep your awareness on your own body.

Take a few deep breaths and relax your jaw. Sound Ahhhhhh……

Open your eyes and look at your partner. Breathe again and very slowly move towards your lover. Moving into a soft embrace. The slower, the better. Starting with a soft touch to each other, just experience the feel. Let it be happening rather than trying to do something. 

Be very aware of the skin, the sensations, at this time. You will naturally be pulled into each other. 

Become aware of all your senses. Feel the pleasure of smell, taste, touch, listening deeply to their breath and sounds. Feel deeply into them. 

Just allow it to be an experience into closeness with your lover. Continue into what feels natural at this time. It may be lovemaking or just exploring the pleasure of connection and sensations. 

When you move into love with slowness and sensitivity, our awareness is greatly expanded. 

The bodies are allowed to emerge in energy, and this creates a vibrant connection. 

*Intimacy* “Into Me See.”

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