By Cait Hill

My journey into fitness as a mom started postnatal, primarily for the mental and emotional benefits. As a stay-at-home mom, it was vital for me to have something other than changing diapers and laundry to do – and something that was truly for me, and not everyone around me. I quickly learned that the adage, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” actually meant something.

Being active daily is not about being skinny or looking like you did before having kiddos. It’s not about getting certain numbers on a scale or fitting into those jeans from 15 years ago! Being active and healthy each day is to be heart healthy and someone depends on you to be around for a long time. It’s about having the energy each day to do normal tasks and keep up [sort of!] with little ones. It’s about feeding the mind and soul with the love, support, and fellowship a community of mamas bring to a workout each day.

“Find your tribe and love them hard,” a beautiful quote that says it all about why I choose my profession as a fitness instructor for new mamas. I love being a part of building up moms and supporting them in all aspects of life and motherhood!

The relationship built with a fitness instructor is beautiful because they’re truly there for you, guiding you in moves that physically improve the way you feel, all while laughing with you, listening to you, offering a shoulder when you need it, and loving on your little one. You feel loved.

The connection you create with other mamas is life-changing as you begin to realize you’re not the only mom going through all the things, big and small. You start to find other ladies that understand and support you even if they approach motherhood differently. You learn that there are other ways to do things as a mama that you never thought of, and that there are other people that need to know your ways too. You feel valued.

The bond strengthened between mama and kiddo in this adventure is so special – almost indescribable. Here you have this tiny being that you love more than anything and every day you are faced with opportunities to keep this child alive (the struggle is real!),  You also have to teach this child life; the do’s, the don’ts, the right, the wrong, and everything in between.

You are starting each day (probably after some coffee – let’s be real!) showing this little bundle of love that you, the mama, are worthy of time and nurture, that they, the kiddo, are worthy of love from others and a mama who loves herself. Together, you find the purest of joy when you are in that safe space where comfort, adrenaline, fun, and community intersect. You realize your worth.

As I sat at my desk creating another mama+kiddo friendly workout last week, I watched my five-year-old pick up the 2lb weights sitting on the floor and emulate some of the very moves I have incorporated in my classes. He’s been paying attention, and he will continue to do so. That’s what kiddos do best – watch and learn! He went on to explain to me that he is working on starting ‘Fit4Kid’ and honestly, his business plan is great! I just might need to explain to him that sweet treats are not necessary for recovery after every exercise.

What I love is that in the kiddo I’m raising, in the mamas I’m supporting, and in my continuous journey with health and fitness, the why is always apparent. Mamas, I encourage you to do something active for YOU today, and if you’re able, let your kiddo be a part of it. Show them, and yourself that YOU and your kiddo are your why.

Cait Hill is a 35 year old wife, mama, entrepreneur, fitness instructor, ultra trail runner, health & wellness junkie, three time cancer survivor, foodie, friend to all & life adventurer. She is also the co-owner of Fit4Mom Fruita, for more information please visit

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