By John Karis

“You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience…It is our duty as men and women to proceed as though the limits of our abilities do not exist.”       Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the French philosopher


In the heart and soul of every person we have a destiny. A life that is the greatest expression of who we truly are. It is the life we dream about living—creatively, joyously, lovingly, and passionately.  It’s our soul’s intention to live this life, this great masterpiece, unique in each of us. Yet few of us make a choice to uncover, let alone live our masterpiece. It is time we do so.

There are those few among us who live our dreams, to a greater or lesser extent. Yet, for most, our masterpieces rarely reach anything close to their true fulfillment. Many live the life that is handed to us and resign ourselves to “that’s the way it is.”  We strive for nothing more – not more joy, or more health and abundance, or more of whatever we can imagine. Why? Because we’re listening to what’s in our heads and this leads us down the path of our fate. If we listen to something deeper however, something that connects us to and frees us from the limits of our minds, we have the opportunity to live our greatest self-expression—our destiny.

That signal comes from our hearts. Which would you rather be listening to?

Feeling Stuck

In these current times many people are feeling a dichotomy of what they know and what they feel about their lives. On the outside their lives are not congruent with what they feel it should be. They have an inner yearning, a knowing of what their lives should be, could be, and would be but are not.

This discrepancy between outer experience and inner knowingness is a reflection of the discrepancy between the life we make listening to heads verses life based on what we feel from deep within our hearts. For those who do want something more from life—more freedom, more love, more abundance, more peace, more ability to shape their lives into their best and highest expression—what must one do? How do they lead a life that is their truest, most fulfilling expression? Make a choice, a decision to become something more. Not someone different but rather a more vivid, accurate version of our true selves. To do that, to live our dreams, we need to free ourselves from those things that misinform us about who we are, where we’re going, and how we’re getting there. We need to clear away the curtain between heart and mind.

The Limitations To Our Freedom

As M. Chardin so beautifully points out, we are spiritual beings existing in a human body having a human experience. These bodies are our “vehicles.” They are equipped with senses, minds, feelings and egos that enable us to experience, feel, understand, and digest the material universe in such a way that our souls gain knowledge, wisdom, and evolution. But, the body doesn’t always work according to its original design. Our bodyminds are programmable organisms and as such, they can be misinformed and misdirected due to influences that create a curtain or wall between the soul, the intended driver, and its “vehicle”, the body.

The influences that create this curtain comes from a variety of sources, dimensions, and time frames many of which are affected very early in our lives and have long term effects. We are all well acquainted with some of these sources: our family and upbringing, genetics, media, education, societal norms, government, religion, as well as a myriad of higher dimension influences. These influences become the information that create our beliefs, values, and thinking. They become the programs or ‘software’ that shape the bodymind’s identity—in the mind. It’s the “who I am” when we look in the mirror, or on our driver’s license, or in a personality profile.

This mind-based identity is so loud it overwhelms the subtle urgings of the soul and it makes choices and implements actions referenced from what it has learned and been taught in its past, not from its true center. And so, the steering wheel of our “vehicle” is wrested from the hands of the soul and insidiously placed in the hands of the mind. As a result many find themselves in a place they didn’t want, plan, or desire. For most everyone though, it leads to a life structured out of limitations—our fate.

Living Our Destiny

If we choose to live beyond our limitations, it is imperative we take steps to restore the guidance of our lives to the true pilot—the soul. That’s not necessarily something we can wish into being or by consciously thinking “I’m going to be different”. If that were true, we would all be living our dreams: rich, beautiful, young, fit, super-talented, happily matched, and living in a perfect world, etc. etc.  But we don’t.  To do that, we need a second element. Something outside ourselves that we can use and apply to decommission our programming, our limiting beliefs, healing ourselves and enabling our “vehicle” to accurately express the true urgings of our innermost self.

Today there are a host of modalities to help us to accomplish that, be it meditation, yoga, consciousness-based medicine, herbs, body workers or any other modalities that help us remember who we really, truly are. And there is no time to waste. In these rising times of the New Age, it is incumbent upon each one of us to find and access this inner wisdom of our hearts, listen to it, utilize it and allow our ship’s sails to billow forth with the winds of life to travel our life’s pathways, not in limitations but in ways that are fascinating, enriching, nurturing, and in harmony our soul’s destiny—our greatest, most complete version of ourselves. That time is now.

John Karis, CBP has been studying, teaching, and practicing Maharishi Vedic Science for development of consciousness for over 40 years. He began specializing in consciousness-based medicine in the mid-90s. John now practices in Grand Junction and Lakewood, Colorado. Contact John at quantumbodytalk@comcast.net or (970) 389-7140. Visit www.QuantumHealingBodyTalk.com.

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