Reduce, reuse, repurpose. Those words should guide our movements as we think about plastic and environmental waste. We know once produced, plastic does not go away; it stays in our landfills and oceans for eons. This environmental threat begs the question of how to deal with the discarded products in a way that helps Mother Earth.

We are a creative species, its how we’ve evolved into the technological giants that talk to Voyagers billions of miles away. (Thank you, NASA!) There is no doubt we can turn the plague of plastics into revolutionary ideas that better humanity not only now, but for generations to come.

It requires thinking outside of the box, imagining in new ways, and uncovering pictures from the pieces of the puzzle that surround us. A quick search online shows the movement of change that is taking place as corporations, companies, and individuals embrace the challenge to find solutions.

Aerie, a lingerie and swimsuit brand of American Eagle Outfitters, just released a line of swimsuits made from 1 million recycled bottles. They’re colorful, reasonably priced, and make a statement about the capabilities of large corporations earning a profit while being environmentally conscious.

Youtube.com is full of ways to repurpose waste into construction material, artistic medium, home décor, and more. Most are regular people developing amazing innovations that have real-life practical uses, like eco-bricks. Some are massive corporations making huge changes with on-site recycling machines that take used office paper, shred it, process it, and churn out new paper reams in a matter of minutes.

Because we are human, and because we have an innate survival instinct, hope remains and gives reasons to be optimistic about the future. It takes a personal determination to make a difference. When we decide to make a change, it takes the responsibility from a distant organization and puts it in our hands. Become part of a global collaboration to create solutions on a personal level.

We can change the world with individual efforts that combine into a blanket of hope and labor of love.
What can you reduce, reuse, or repurpose? Talk with family and friends, create think-tanks, and get going on those amazing ideas. Don’t wait for others to save you; your future generations are counting on you to be involved right now.

E.P.I.C. Sustainability Creative Repurposing