Allow For Fallow Fields

by Rev. Anna Scott

We are guided and inspired by Mother Nature. This is the season when trees and shrubs have released their foliage and settled in for a period of dormancy. Take this time of shorter days and longer nights to spend in contemplation. Reflect upon achievements and failures of the past year and then joyously prepare a vision for the coming year. We need to mirror this season of Nature by giving ourselves time to rest, rejuvenate, and commune with the infinite intelligence that is contained within our being.

As we sit in this space of quiet, we are given a gift; the knowledge that consciousness can do the heavy lifting. In other words, as we allow our vision to develop in our mind, feeling the emotion and vigor that accompanies this vision, the Universe rushes in to support and fulfill what we see in our thoughts and soul.

Reviewing the past year does not require self-judgment or recrimination. Just remember to be grateful for every experience, challenge, and victory. For each has value. We are evolving into a higher expression of the Divine as we move forward. Revealing more of our pure inner light through the lessons these experiences provide.

Indian Hindu monk Swami Vivekananda taught, “You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself.” As we reflect on our lives and move closer to our Divine Nature, belief in ourselves and a Higher Power unfold simultaneously. When we can honestly look at our behavior, the truth of who and what we are reveals itself.

By moving through our lives, joys, and challenges, by maturing spiritually, we become the observer of our own “stuff” in a loving non-judgmental manner. This space of allowing our “fields to lie fallow” is a necessary time for us to formulate our vision of who we really are and where we want to be by reflecting upon where we’ve been.

The traditional view of repentance is to show sincere regret or remorse. One of the founders of New Thought in America, Emma Curtis Hopkins, taught that the concept of repentance is to transform one’s state of mind without a necessity for negative feelings such as remorse or guilt. All that is needed is to see a higher way of being.

We attract what will support our current level of consciousness. Therefore, if we reflect honestly and decide our behavior is out of alignment with our true selves, we can change our way of thinking. This alters our habitual response, and thus, we start making choices that support our authentic being. We begin to become what we created in the vision.

“I look into darkness until I see the light. I sit in silence until I hear it speak,” declared Ernest Holmes, the founder of the Science of Mind and Spirit philosophy. Dr. Holmes is saying there is a time to sit in the stillness and allow the Omnipresent Infinite Wisdom to evolve through us. When we look to Spirit with trust, new opportunities and experiences become available for us.

During this season of dormancy, let’s allow ourselves this time of stillness to open to the light of possibility. Let’s plant our “fallow field” with goodness, kindness, joy, and Divine potential!

Rev. Anna Scott, Center for Spiritual Living Assistant Spiritual Leader, affirms that her life work is raising consciousness on the planet and supporting people as they heal and find their personal power. She teaches Science of Mind and Spirit at Center for Spiritual Living Grand Junction. www.CSLGrandJunction.org.

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